One Important Word

April 30, 2014 was the day that would change my life. I woke up at 4:30 am after only sleeping a few minutes here and there throughout the night.  I knew that my phone was bound to ring some time that day to give me the results of my biopsy. I now know that it was by the grace of God that I found a wonderful Dr. that helped me discover my cancer when he did, but it was definitely not news that I wanted, nor expected to hear!  

I made myself get out of bed for just a minute to make sure that Nick was off to school and had locked the door behind him.  I went back to bed and flipped from side to side, staring at the sun light peaking in from the sides of the curtains on both sides of our bed.  It was so bizarre how I constantly played the phone call scenario through my mind. Good news? Bad news? Flip a coin Kim.

At promptly 8 am, the happy, melodic tune that I chose  as my ring tone started playing.  I immediately had a lump in my throat and cringed as I squinted to see the number on the screen. It was my Dr. Mora. I took a deep breath and  answered. Dr. Mora has a very strong Hispanic accent so I recognized his voice immediately. I’ll spare you the details of the conversation, and frankly, most of it is a haze anyway.  Honestly, I only picked up on bits and pieces of what he was saying. All I remember was “biopsy results”, “tumor”, “hormone receptors”, “lumpectomy or mastectomy” , “oncologist”, and “maybe radiation, possibly chemotherapy”.  

My world suddenly became a blur and I felt like I was on the outside of someone else’s nightmare looking in.  I was stunned. All of my imagined scenarios went out of the window.  After listening to him and trying to take it all in, the only words I could get out were, “ The tumor was……” he finished my sentence for me….. “malignant.”

There was one other very important word that did stick in the back of my mind as I hung up and tried to process our conversation.


I tried to recall the entire conversation time and time again to remember what Dr. Mora said about “early”. That’s when I remembered him saying something about the tumor being 9mm, and thinking we caught it “early”

Despite letting life get in the way, Dr. Mora felt that we caught the cancer early. That one word gave me something to cling to as I moved forward.


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