Shopping in Ulta with my husband…..

I have such a wonderful husband!  While running late to get out of here to get to my plastic surgeons office to get started on my reconstruction procedures (again!), I grabbed my makeup bag and decided to put my makeup on in the car on the way down.

I haven’t been out of the house in over a week, so I have made Greg suffer by looking at this alien looking face and haven’t put makeup on in the mean time.  So, it wasn’t until I was doing my eye makeup while driving down I-95 and looking in my X10 makeup mirror  (since I’m blinder than a bat!) that I realized that I’m honestly down to a pathetic 4 lashes per eye!! It was not heart warming!!   (On a side note, I had to laugh, when my Dr. asked about whether I had my hair coming back yet and I told him that I had peach fuzz at this point, I mentioned that I was using the Latisse to hopefully help get my lashes back sooner, when he commented, “what has come back is super long!”  I them him at that point that those are the few that haven’t fallen out so far!)

So to the point of this post, after leaving the Dr’s office and headed to the shopping area, I asked Greg to stop at Alta for me for a minute because I’ve bought false lashes and glue in prep for this point after my chemo, but because of the ridiculous tearing that resulted from the chemo, the glue doesn’t even stick long enough for me to get the lashes to stick!  So not only did he stop to wait for me to shop, he went in, waited patiently while I had the girls that were working searching to see what would work best for me.  He was the only male in Ulta, and stood there by my side waiting patiently for me to find the best option (which wasn’t an in and out stop and for this guy, shopping is NOT his favorite pastime!!)   Not only that, he also sat in the car for Lord knows how long for me to try to get those fake hairs attached to my eyelids.  I’ve never put on fake lashes in my life, so I had NO CLUE how to get those suckers on!!  I succeeded, although I probably looked like an 89 year old that put them on before Church, but considering I did it in almost in the dark in the car, and went into a dark restaurant afterward, I didn’t stress over it.

It’s the little things in life that can seem so precious at times!  I’m the first to admit that I’ve been shopping with Greg so many times in my life that I’ve heard the huffs and puffs from him being impatient, not to mention the eventual  “are you through?” comments, so I know how not fun that store stop was for him!  Like I said, it’s the little things!!


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