I am over the worst part of my treatment, so it’s time that I set out to do what my original intention was…..

And hopefully help other women as they go through this horribly rough time in their lives, as I wish I had during that part of my struggle as I was fighting this God awful disease.  I can never be more thankful for the most fantastic, supportive friends and family, old, and new, that have provided me with more support than I deserve!  I wish to  give as much support for all other women as I have had to get me through this!!

I’m going to share something from earlier that I posted on a website geared around sports, but one that has turned into (with the backing and support from the site owners) a fantastic, supportive, online family community that have been wonderful in helping those of us going through horrific times! (Mudlizard.com)  Yeah, I put it out there Mud!! 😉 xoxo

This is something that I feel compelled to do.  I remember how scared and foreign it all seemed to me.  I drove home from my biopsy after just losing my mother 5 months prior, to cancer, having every emotion in the world going through my mind in that short 2 mile drive home.  Thankfully I had to stop by the grocery store on my way home which caused me to get ahold of myself, regroup, and think of something different for a few minutes before I had to come home and face Nick, who was the only one home at that time.  I don’t have the grace or ability with words to explain the feelings that were running through my mind and body at that brief time but honestly it felt like time was standing still. If I can possibly help anyone else avoid such a terrified, lost feeling, I will do anything in the world that I can to help!!

Please feel free to contact me if I can help in any way!  Please!  I feel every needs a purpose in their life, and one of mine right now, is to help other cancer victims if I possibly can!


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