Today was a very poignant and evocative day! Today is the one year anniversary from the 1st knife.

Exactly one year ago today, I began a journey that I couldn’t have imagined in my worst nightmare. It was right about this time ((10 am) that I was being wheeled into the operating room to have a bilateral mastectomy. It’s been one hell of a bumpy ride!! A ride that I would have fallen off of a very long time ago if it weren’t for my wonderful, sweet husband, lifting me up and carrying me through! A ride that neither one of us would have had to strength to do without the prayers, and unending love and support from those that are near and dear to us. Gina and Brian sat by his side as he waited while I was under the knife. Mr. ” I can carry the world on my shoulders without the slightest bit of assistance” really needed someone to sit with him and tell him everyone was going to be alright, even though he never would have asked for someone to do that, I don’t know if he’s ever told you two, but that meant the world to him, it meant the world to us! AJ & Shelley visited us in the hospital the next day, again, lifting us both up with their love and support.

Once home, we were inundated with an outpouring of calls, visits, food, flowers, gifts, cards and messages of support, gift cards, and endless prayers. Every single thing meant the world to us, and was a crucial part in giving us both the strength to get to where we are today.

The life lessons that I have learned throughout this journey are ongoing and I hope have made me a better person. We will celebrate today by venturing out into this beautiful scenery that surrounds us here in the Shenandoah Valley, while giving thanks to God for allowing me to still be here with my rock by my side, and providing us with such glorious views.


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